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Mr. Sivakumar’s Story

My story teaches that where you start doesn't determine where you'll end up.


TranzIndia wasn't just a business.
It was the gateway to a better life for me and my family.

I was born in Vembanur village near Trichy. My family was into farming. In 1976, my parents moved from Sri Lanka during the Srilankan war and repatriated back to India. We were given a house by the government and 3 acres of land. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. My brothers couldn't study past 10th grade due to financial struggles, and I was in the same boat after 10th. To support my family, I started working part-time during my 11th and 12th classes. I delivered newspapers to make ends meet.

I studied BA in Government College, Pudukottai, while continuing to work part-time. Then I pursued MA and started MPhil research in Chennai. I went there with only 1500 rupees, which ran out in a week.

When our thoughts are right, God will be with us. That happened to me also. I met my friend Ravichandran who I can’t forget in my lifetime. I met him in the bus stand and shared my situation with him. He was so kind that he asked me to stay with him and continue my studies. He had a Banana commission shop in Koyambedu Market. It was a rushed and dirty place. The shop will open at 3AM and Close at 11PM. So I can't sleep after 3AM. So I started working there to support my needs. My friends offered the room. So I can't be a burden to him. So I worked as a load-lifter in Koyambedu market for 5 rupees and 10 rupees. I used to work daily from 4 am to 7 am. So that i can earn 70-80 rupees per day. After 7 I used to travel to Egmore where I did my research at Aavana Kappagam. I completed my M.Phil in the first class.

Eventhough I pursued B.A, M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.Phill and P.G.D.C.A accumulating a total of 6 degrees, my biggest challenge was "Finding a Job". Later somehow I got an opportunity to become a Teacher.

After that when I was working in the private college, my friend Rangaswamy invited me to the function where I got the plan of TranzIndia. After knowing the plan of TranzIndia, I was very happy that I was going to do great in my life. At the same time, I had the fear too. I started TranzIndia with mortgaging jewels. After 6-7 months, my income increased. I resigned from my job at the college. That time I earned 25000 per week in TranzIndia where I worked for a salary of 12500 in the college. Many people like the principal, colleagues expressed their opposition. The relatives too were afraid of me. They tried to create fear in me.

I was positive that there is no wrong in tranzIndia. We are offering the products for the amount we receive. I was sure that we were on the right track. I looked after my business with care and achieved Diamond Manager in 9 months. I took care of my brothers and sister. In 2010, I purchased my first car indica vista worth 6.5lakhs. As I lived in the village, the people in the village were astonished when I drove the car. In 2013, I got married and our MD was the chief guest. In 2017, I got another car, a Ford Ecosport worth 12 lakhs. I owned 40-50 acres of agricultural land in my village. Also I own flats and commercial complexes. In 2022, on our MD birthday, I bought an Innova Crysta worth 33 lakhs. My house costs around 2-3 crores of area 4700 sq.ft. in CYLON Colony, Vembanur, Trichy.

My story is an evidence to the transformative power of belief and action, with TranzIndia as the catalyst for my massive success.


When money comes, more responsibilities also come to me. I used to contribute to society a lot. I came from a poor family. So I used my earnings to many public causes like Temple, Educational expenses, Sports Activity, School Donation, etc. So people insisted that I take responsibility for them. I was nominated for the District Councillor post and I won. Also I was the District Chairman of the Education Committee of Trichy. All positions came to me when I had money and TranzIndia was the beginning of this. TranzIndia gave me a good lifestyle, good home, good education for my brothers, good life for my sister, agricultural land, complex, etc.

I'm grateful to our MD, Mr. Mohanraj, for valuing hard work and always supporting me.

204, Sanjayraaj towers, 100.Feet Road, Tatabad, Coimbatore - 641 012, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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