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Mr. Raja’s Story

Success isn't about where you start, but where you choose to go. I started with opposition but turned it into opportunity


True success isn't just about achieving wealth,
but about overcoming obstacles and staying true to yourself in the process.

I come from a well-to-do family. My dad runs his own business. Even though I didn't need money, I really wanted to make something of myself. So, I decided to start my own business while I was still in college.

I got into this industry when I was just 19 and in my first year of engineering. At that time, engineering was really popular. Direct selling was new back then. I had a plan and I jumped in. I didn't expect much. The only thing I faced was opposition. My family, friends, relatives, and even strangers didn't support me. People thought if you go for a familiar industry, you're a success, but if you choose something unfamiliar, you're a failure. When things started going well, everyone was on board. My friends, professors, and even the principal joined my business. Within 3 months, I had built a team of 1820 people. It was a big success. But then, during semester exams, everything slowed down. Many people disappeared.

In 2008, I had a debt of 30 lakhs. But I didn't ask my dad for help because I wanted to prove myself. The next year, I worked hard at TranzIndia and paid off all my debt. I even bought my first car, a Mitsubishi Lancer. That's when I realised that society only cheers for successful people. When you're struggling, they blame you. People were with me when I was winning, but not when I was struggling. That's when I understood the true nature of people. That's when I saw the value of TranzIndia. In TranzIndia, people motivate each other, even strangers. They spread positivity. The support and motivation from TranzIndia's leaders helped me keep going. In the last 17 years, I've faced many challenges, but TranzIndia's leaders always helped me grow. That's why I've stayed in this industry for so long.

I bought a Maruti Swift and a Renault Duster later on. I own a house worth 2.5 crores. In a society where men usually bargain for dowry during weddings, I hate the idea of dowry. Instead, I gifted my wife 100 sovereigns of gold for our wedding, setting an example for my team. Then, I bought a BMW 5 series worth 77 lakhs through TranzIndia.

Material possessions are just symbols of success; the real achievement lies in living a debt-free, fulfilling life.

Early in my career, I was frustrated with my huge debts, so I decided to live debt-free for the rest of my life. I bought everything, like cars and houses, with cash and never took out loans after that.

I love travelling. I used to visit 3-4 countries every year for business and personal trips.

I'm grateful to my mentor, Mr. Mohanraj, and all my leaders and teammates. Seeing my team succeed makes me happy. I'm working to create more success stories in the future.

204, Sanjayraaj towers, 100.Feet Road, Tatabad, Coimbatore - 641 012, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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