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Mr. Rajendran’s Story

In the face of challenges, I painted my destiny with determination, transforming a life of struggle into a story of success.


From humble beginnings to a life of success and leadership!
Rajendran's story of determination, hard work, and the transformative power of seizing opportunities.

Born in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Father was a Turner in a Lathe Workshop for 40 years. We stayed in a hut till college 2nd year. Many used to say that they studied in the street lights. But in my scenario, there is no street light in my area. Studied in the government school. Psychology in college. In my family, father, mother, 2 younger brothers. 5 of us. Even though I studied in a government college, though there are no fees for my studies, I can’t even afford INR 1.5 for the bus. I've been working since 5th standard. Every summer vacation, I went to the daily wage job.

During the 3rd year of college, our house was vacated by the government, and it belongs to the government. We were in the streets. My father couldn’t rent a house for us. That time, my uncle helped us to stay in his house. It was a “Line house” where 25 families lived together in a line of houses with 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets for 25 families. It was like hell to stay there.

After completing college, I wanted to pursue higher studies. But the family situation doesn’t permit either I need to go for the job to take care of my 2 brothers, or they need to go for the job. So I decided to go for the job. The first job I had was as a painter. Even many buildings on this 100-foot road (Where our TranzIndia Head Office is located) were painted by me at that time. My mother insisted I find some other job as I completed my degree.

So we friends discussed and decided to go for the marketing jobs. At first, I was afraid that I had to speak English. But friends convinced me that I could go for 3 months without any targets. After that, I can quit with some money earned. This is why I went for the marketing job.

The first marketing job I joined was in the company of our CMD, Mr. Mohanraj. At that time he was doing an LPG gas lighter business. I joined for marketing with no targets for INR 1500 per month. A few months went by here. I was comfortable in marketing. Even when my friends planned to quit from this, I was fine with this as I could dress well there. Felt like some reputed job here.

After a few months, I got to know about direct marketing. That is going house by house to sell the products. I didn’t even have a cycle at that time. Every marketing job requires a bike. But this direct marketing doesn’t want that. Here I need to go house by house. I've sold products in almost all the cities of Tamilnadu - Salem, Namakkal, Chennai, Pondicherry, and Trichy. Here there are no fixed wages. I will get commissions based on my daily sales. This is even worse than all. There are many days I couldn’t sell any products. In Pondicherry, I used to sell teddy bears on the beachside. There were many days that I couldn’t earn a single rupee and left with a hungry stomach. A single parotta can fill the stomach to some extent. But I couldn’t afford even that and fainted in hunger for many days.

After that, I came to Mr. Mohanraj again to seek a job. That time he was doing the CNG business for cars. I joined here for the commissions. Daily I used to walk through the streets to find cars filling CNG. I didn’t know where to go. I randomly got the bus from the opposite bus stop and went wherever I wanted. There I used to sell the CNG. 4 years went by. I couldn’t even buy a cycle from this. I had the responsibility of taking care of my brothers.

I started with a paintbrush, and today I've painted my life with the colors of success, proving that every struggle is a stepping stone to greatness.


One day, I was standing at the opposite bus stop; Mr. Mohanraj noticed me standing there and sent security to invite me. I thought maybe for some other job. He asked to join a business. I wondered how I could join this big businessman. Mr. Mohanraj invited me to the program that is to be held at Ram Nagar, Coimbatore. He was working in another company at that time. Earlier, I attended another company's program. I didn’t have that much opinion about direct selling at that time. But I couldn’t afford it. After attending the program invited by Mr. Mohanraj, I needed to pay INR 6000 to start that. I didn’t even have 5 or 10. They presented me with lakhs and crores. But I wished to own at least a TVS 50 as I have been humiliated for having no bike so many times. I got the amount for interest and finally started the direct selling career.

The early stages were very hard. As I belong to a poor circle, my friends can’t understand this business. Every friend criticized me and discouraged me a lot. Even my relatives are not ready to trust me. They framed me as useless. Everyone advised me not to dream big. Friends teased me a lot. They all wanted me to stay in the same lifestyle. The first 2 years were full of struggles and challenges.

But I was determined to do something. I can’t be ready to prove them right. Every time I used to walk to the place where the program happens. Sometimes I will ask my guest to pick me up. After many struggles, I got my Yamaha bike, later Pulsar.

Then slowly built the team through hard work and got my first car - a Maruti Alto. It was the first car in the entire TranzIndia community. In 2012, I purchased my Skoda. In 2019, I purchased a Renault Kwid. I love riding bikes. I purchased my BMW 310. Recently, I purchased my TATA Safari.

My mother's biggest dream is to buy a small piece of land. She almost spent her whole life in struggle. So, I gifted her a villa worth 5.5 crores in Goundampalayam, Coimbatore. Throughout my life, wherever I go, I have been inspired by the things in many hotels and resorts that this thing I need to add to my home. Through a wide reference, I collected worldwide, I built my luxury villa of 4500 sq.ft.

During my early days, I heard some leaders were speaking that they watched a movie at home on an LCD Projector. That time I literally shocked at how a person could see the movie on a projector at home. From that, I had a strong vision to have my private theatre. I built a private theatre at home.

From living in a house where 23 families share 2 bathrooms and toilets, now living in a house where 3 people have 6 BHK in it. I also have a private office at home.

People used to call me a wanderer in the early days. Yeah, currently, I am wandering the world. I was the first one to join with Mr. Mohanraj to visit the foreign trip to Dubai in TranzIndia. Currently, I am visiting 4-5 nations per year.

Currently, I own a huge team, and they are performing outstandingly. Currently, I am providing training to them, and I want my team to achieve greater heights. Thanks to TranzIndia, today I am leading a very comfortable life. Looking back 20 years, I could really wonder that I have transformed my life completely.

I believe that we all have a single life, and we want to make full use of it. I used to tell my team that our name should come up at least once in the Car RC record. I’ve kept all my cars with me.

204, Sanjayraaj towers, 100.Feet Road, Tatabad, Coimbatore - 641 012, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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